Équipements D.H. (DH equipment) is innovation applied to blueberry pickers

From the beginning, the emphasis has been on reducing the loss of wild blueberries during harvest. Dario Hébert, inventor, works with his team to develop machines offering lowbush blueberry pickers mechanized machines that do quality work and provide higher productivity; thus producing a better yield and stimulating harvest experience.

To achieve best results, Les Équipements DH designed several models of machines before comitting to a configured and optimized machine for picking wild blueberries.

Rest assured that our machines are designed to be powerful and strong on the most demanding terrain.

Our innovations are patented.

The innovations found on the DH picker are protected by patents in the United States and soon in Canada. The cleaner design of our harvesters is protected and has required hours of development. Our machines have blueberries largely a manufacturing one-piece seamless built with special care focused on the details. This quality assurance will allow you to reap with peace of mind.

This quality assurance will allow you to reap with peace of mind.

"After several years of growing and picking blueberries on different types of terrain, machine Les Équipement DH are undoubtedly the best on the market."

Arthur Tremblay, Farmer for Coopérative de Normandin

"My husband and I are pleased with our machines. Being very productive, they allow us to quickly take advantage of every day."

Ginette Mathieu, farmer for Coopérative de Normandin

Our blueberry pickers are distributed in Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and soon in Maine.